Original xiaomi mijia audio microphone X3 audio microphone integrated aluminum alloy intelligent audio home microphone



DSP anti-whistle dynamic tuning chip

360 degree omnidirectional moving coil microphone

80Hz-150KHZ singing comfortable speaker

Microphone and speaker are combined into one

Bring a new experience of listening and singing

Xiao Yan integrates the microphone and the speaker, and solves through multiple acoustic cavity design.

It is decided that the microphone cannot hear its own sound amplification when it is used alone.

Problem, at any time and place, pick up and sing and interact with the audience at the same time

move. Drop your speaker and headphone cable, sing and listen to songs, you only need

A small cymbal sound microphone.Unique acoustic design beautiful interior construction

33 acoustic components and 3-fold cavity structure, the sound collected by the microphone

Sound, electronically processed by the chip, adjusted by the electronic hardware

Add a KT mix and then show it as a more beautiful sound

Sound effect.360 degree omnidirectional moving coil type wheat head

For good sound

Professional recording microphone with good low frequency characteristics, wide frequency response, and omnidirectional

Type design, collecting sound in the widest range to make your sound smooth and round,

The combination of speakers produces a better surround sound.DSP dynamic control chip

Become a party controller

The customized automatic sound control chip will actively detect when the sound is collected by the microphone.

The current uncoordinated sound is eliminated by dynamic adjustment of the chip. After processing

The sound becomes cleaner and clearer at noisy sites, and it also inhibits improper operation.

The resulting whistling sound.Aluminum and linen


Bring a delicate touch

Ring light tips

Grasp the state of use of the product

Microphone cover

Wire weaving

Prevent spray

Product switch key and microphone on

Compliance with ergonomics

Microphone volume adjustment

And sound reverberation adjustment

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